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  Welcome! Here, at Probing Christianity, we are committed to providing a safe place where Christians, people of other religious beliefs, and those with no religious affiliations can ask the hard questions about Christianity.  At Probing Christianity, visitors can also share, and discuss their various views in an open, honest, but respectful way.

​​  Please register for one of the conversations (see the Events page for a list of upcoming topics). Each discussion will consist of a short presentation, usually from a Christian perspective, followed by an open forum of comments/questions from those wishing to comment or ask questions. However, to participate in a conversation, you will need to RSVP.

  While the speaker isn’t a “scholar” by any means, he believes that Christianity can be scrutinized and understood by “regular people” who are honestly trying to make sense of the world.


  Thank you for visiting Probing Christianity, and remember - your participation is what brings our talks to life.  God bless.  Jeff

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